Sanya Thongphoem, a rubber plantation owner in Hat Yai, learned about beekeeping at a workshop conducted by FSC-certified group manager in August 2017. He hopes to eventually make beekeeping his main source of income.
Mayank Soni/FSC GD

The South East Asian kingdom’s smallholder farmers strive towards creating a balance between economic gain and environmental stability

Greater Spotted Eagle in Belarus
FSC Belarus_Lev Fedorovich

In Belarus, FSC-certified companies are helping preserve an extremely rare and endangered species of eagles

School in the Republic of Congo

The forests of the Congo Basin constitute the second largest area of dense tropical forests in the world, after the Amazon.


A new video showcases how FSC project certification helps Canary Wharf Group

Cattle in the forest

In Uganda, one forestry company is helping farmers to improve their living while tackling encroachment issues.

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