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FSC has an array of resources to help you navigate the certification process. The links below provide an overview, and more comprehensive materials can be downloaded from the document centre. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates from across the FSC system.

FSC Certificiation Resource
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FM Certification
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FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.
Workers for CoC Certification
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FSC chain of custody certification provides credible assurance for products with environmentally and socially responsible sources to access the market.
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Policies, Standards and Procedures are being developed or revised. Our development, review and revision process is comprehensive, transparent, inclusive and robust, aiming to promote stability and predictability with the FSC system.
FSC Ecosystem Services
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Ecosystem services (water, carbon, biodiversity, soil, and recreational services) are the benefits that we obtain from nature. They provide society with a wide range of benefits, from reliable flows of clean water to productive soil and carbon sequestration. In 2018, FSC introduced a procedure which aims to reward those who responsibly manage forests, thereby preserving ecosystem services.
FSC Certification Resources
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Go deeper into our investigations and our work with organizations currently excluded from the FSC scheme, and those who have been re-admitted after taking remedial action.