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From policies, to national standards, to controlled wood risk assessments, the most up-to-date versions of documents from our normative framework can be found here in the FSC document centre. The attached document catalogue (link to pdf) is a core document which is providing an overview of normative documents that exist.
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Type Doc. Code Doc. Title
National Standard (NS) FSC-STD-CAN-01-2005
FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for British Columbia
National Standard (NS) FSC-STD-BRA-03-02-2013
FSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Brazilian Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF)
Guidance Document (GUI) FSC-GUI-60-010
Guideline for Standard Developers on incorporating a risk-based approach in National Forest Stewardship Standards
Policy (POL) FSC-STD-30-001a
V(1 May 2019)
FSC Lists of highly hazardous pesticides
Advice Note (ADV) FSC-ADV-30-010-01
Applicable National and Local Laws and Regulations for Controlled Wood for Forest Management Enterprises
National Standard (NS) FSC-STD-BRA-01-01-2014
Harmonised Certification Bodies' Forest Stewardship Plantation Standard for the Federal Republic of Brazil
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